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March 1-3, 2001
Last updated - February 6, 2002

This is the tentative program schedule for 2002.  There may be changes or additions prior to the meeting, so periodically check this page for updates.

The following a/v equipment will be available:  
Please let John Wright [] know ASAP if you need anything else.
-Overhead projector
-Flip chart pad and markers
-Computer projector (for Powerpoint and for VCR)
-(Note: We will have no slide projector unless someone needs one and notifies us right away)

IFAAB 2002 Tentative Schedule

Friday, March 1, 2002

8:30-9:00         Introductions

9:00-9:45            Amy Marder  

                       Marketing an Applied Animal Behavior Practice

9:45-10:30            Martha Lindsay and Michelle Posage  

                        Predicting Client Follow-Up After Initial Pet Behavior Consultation

10:30-10:50            Break

10:50-11:35           Karen London

                        Getting Information Any Way I Can

11:35-12:05           Dan Estep

                        Things to Take to a Behavioral Consult

12:05-12:20            Flextime

12:20-1:20            Lunch  

1:20-2:05              Catherine McClelland

                             Cognitive Research/Nutrition presentation by Hills          

2:05-2:50              Wayne Hunthausen

                        Treating Aggression Between Family Dogs

2:50-3:10            Break

3:10-3:25            Suzanne Hetts

                        A Canine Version of Bullying                       

3:25-4:10            Nancy Williams & Peter Borchelt

                        Full Body Restraint as a Treatment for Dogs with Defensive Aggression

4:10-4:55            John Wright

Panic-Elicited Voiding Associated with Fear of Defecating in an Adult Female Cat:  A Case Report

4:55-5:30            Flextime


Saturday, March 2, 2002

8:30-9:15            Jane Barber

Integrating Behavioral Wellness into Comprehensive Preventative Medicine Programs

9:15-10:00          Pia Silvani

                        Kindergarten Puppy Training Gone Wrong

10:00-10:20            Break

10:20-11:05        Melissa Shyan

                        Comparing Communication Signals in Dogs, Cats, and Humans

11:05-11:50         Patricia McConnell

Interesting, Informative, and Random Videos of Dogs and People Behaving Badly or Amusingly

11:50-12:35         Stephen Zawistowski

                        All Revved With No Place to Go

12:35-1:35          Lunch

1:35-2:25            Alison Seward Cancelled

                        The HPA Axis: Sympathetic Nervous System and Beyond

2:25-3:10            Nathan Penny

                        Examining Stress in Dogs During Training Classes

3:10-3:30            Break

3:30-4:15            R.K. Anderson  Cancelled

                        Emotions Associated With Interdog Aggression

4:15-5:00            Peter Neville  Cancelled

Diagnosis and Treatment of Separation Related Disorders in the DogóRefining the Approach  

5:00-5:30            Flextime


Sunday, March 3, 2002

8:30-9:15            Pam Reid

                        Punishment: Its Use in Applied Animal Behavior

9:15-9:35            Mary Lee Nitschke & Pia Silvani

                        Update on the APDT Trainer Certification Program

9:35-10:00            Break

10:00-10:20       Wayne Hunthausen   

                        New pheromone products

10:20-noon      Miscellaneous

Extra time for late comers

                                    Planning for 2003 (topics, site selection)

                                    General Discussion