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Each case study submitted for presentation at IFAAB should consist of a statement of the problem or the owner’s presenting complaint and the following information:


  • A description of the animal(s) (sex, breed, age, size, medical conditions), household composition (people and other animals), and setting (farm, house, apartment, stable, corral, size of cage at zoo, etc.)

  • An objective description of the behavior, the context in which it occurs and an adequate base-line frequency of the target behavior prior to time of presentation

  • A rationale (from theory, research, or their integration) for assessment of the behavior d. If appropriate (some cases may not include a treatment procedure), an initial treatment plan, including reference to specific technique(s) used.

  • If appropriate, an outcome measure, or measures over the course of treatment.

  • If appropriate, a description of unsuccessful as well as successful procedures in reducing/resolving the behavior following treatment

  • A suggestion for which aspect(s) of the study would be important to discuss.